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Birgitta Granstrom
Life Coach, Author, Speaker and founder of lifespider system 






 To me freedom is to express passion and creativity in everything I do.

Ten years ago I was a digital nomad as the definition in wikipedia:  “Knowledge workers  who can perform work duties irrespective of physical location. They frequently use new technologies like a smart phone, Wifi, and web-based applications to enable their lifestyle, and earn an income wherever they live or travel”

Back than I was board to go to an office  I started to meet my clients in a more creative environment. I always did my writing in hotel lobbies, cafe or a bar. And I  brought my coaching clients to those places too, or took them at a walk in a park. The only time I had to show up in a conference room was when I taught my coaching students.

I’m one of those who never fitted in and as long as I can remember I have longed for the ultimate freedom.

January 2007 I closed the door to my apartment, dropped the keys in the mailbox, and went out the door with two suitcases and a plane ticket. During a year I had minimized my physical possessions and the last things I had now given away or thrown out. The few things I had left were packed in a few boxes. They had all passed the test: “Do I really want to unpack these things again?” The things that passed the test with an unconditional “Yes!” got packed very carefully.

What drove me to get rid of my material possessions was that I wanted to be completely free, once and for all. I had learned that logical arguments were not enough to keep me in a place when my task or time there was done. I now wanted to make room to follow my whims without having to compromise and make excuses for why I couldn’t. I wanted to give myself the possibility to go where my energy wanted me to, without delay.

I was quite simply curious about what life had to offer if nothing of surface character got in the way. What does it really mean to live in total freedom?

I did explore the world and found my power place in San Diego, California.  I was absolutely convinced that I would stay there for the rest of my life. But I should have known that a Free Digital Nomad never stays:-)

I have devoted my life to finding a solution that will free people from limitations so that you can challenge your potential and achieve what you longing for. I have finally after 32 850 hours found the system that enables us to find the depth of ourselves, our personal power and to live our life in ultimate freedom.

Today I’m a Free Digital Nomad!

Birgitta June 8 2012

P.s And I do want to give giga-thanks to the ones who have spent their time, passion and knowledge to develop the amazing technology that makes this free life possible!

About Birgitta

Birgitta Granstrom is born, raised and educated in Sweden. I have lived and worked in San Diego, southern California for three years. She has taught people in communication, motivation, coaching and personal development for 20 years and published three books and several E-books.Birgitta was the founder of the first ICF accredited Coach training i Sweden and was the president of the ICF Nordicin Stockholm 2002-2004. Birgitta is a PCC coach and a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) .

Based on her research, Birgitta now introduces a new Life Philosophy,“The LifeSpider System™” which is a completely new way to approach Life and the next step after Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

It is a new Life Philosophy and method that brings out the elements of your unique identity that determines Who you are, What you do and Where you place yourself. 

Pioneer in the coaching profession in Sweden

  • PCC coach and ICF member since 1999
  • Co-Founder of the first ICF accredited Coaching School in Sweden 2002
  • President ICF Nordic 2002-2004
  • Trained the coach trainer
  • Beyond 2 500 coaching hours

Public speaker and Author to 3 books

  • Understand Your Client It’s all about LifeCompetencies™
  • Are You Stuck With A Duck
  • The Fundamentals of Coaching

20 years as business owner and Entrepreneur ship

  • Owner, CEO of Call Center and Publishing Company.
  • Training and business consultant in communication, service, motivation, sales, presentations,
  • Team building, coaching and Leadership.

Ten years ago she created an empowering transformational program Lifecompetencies™. This program is a life changing classification and management system that aims to help people reach wholeness and freedom in both their personal and professional lives.

During 2010 Birgitta was Vice President for Memberships in SDPCA (San Diego Professional Coaching Alliance). She is also a Mentor at SACC San Diego (Swedish American Chamber of Commerce) and on the board for SWEA International San Diego. Moreover, Birgitta is the international country contact for IONS (Institute of Noetic Science) in Scandinavia and Iceland.

During her career as a professional coach, speaker and author she has mediated knowledge which has motivated people in all ages and professions to realize things that they always or never have dared to dream of. Through her unique way of working with human challenges and integrating several levels at once, (spiritual, physical, emotional and practical) she has succeeded to inspire people to catalyze their potential and reaching their life goals.

Birgitta’s system has inspired and empowered thousands of people globally, and she has worked with a diverse group of people such as employees, managers and CEO’s. She has enhanced their already successful life and enabled them to exceed their capabilities.

2 thoughts on “About The Free Digital Nomad

  1. Love it! Love it! I will follow this site with interest! I’m living as a digital nomad as well. At the moment in Malta, Europe. I intervju people who have fullfilled thier dreams. Quite a few of them are digital nomads. I see being a digital nomad is a live style that are becoming a trend for geografical freedom and lifes filled with adventures and experiences from cultures all over the world. We learn from different cultures and
    creates understanding for differencies. It will create peace in the long run.

  2. Welcome Anna!!! Happy that you find the site…and that you love it:-)

    You do have a great topic for your interviews and I’m not surprised that many of them are digital nomads. It is like a dream to live in a geographical freedom. And you are so right, you will create peace. Not just because of the understanding of differences but when people live their dream they can afford to show compassion. And people who are satisfied with their life have no time to fight:-)

    So please Anna, keep up your great work and continue to inspire people to live their dreams!!!

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